The 90 Minute Turkey

turkey Resize

My first project in Graphic Design, is kinda crazy.  Well the project is not crazy, but the theme is it is called the 90 Minute Turkey, from ExtremeHolidayIdeas.Com.

Tom Nardone, is the author and guy behind this website.  As a sort of a second job and spare time hobby with his three children he creates silly things.  For instance, he developed a technique on how to defrost and roast a turkey in 90 mins (I had my doubts, but my professor tired, he is crazy like that).

Here are the specs given to the class:
Add vision to the voice.
Read the material, and prepare a printed piece to accompany this. Consider the voice that the author is putting forward.

Here are my thoughts:
So basically do what I want as long as the whole recipe/ how-to is printed. OH MY!!!
After hours of thoughts…here are my first drafts of ideas:

Skecth 1word numberSkecth 2 word numberSkecth 3 word number

  1. A Bachelors’ Survival Kit to Thanksgiving.
    The kit will be a roasting pan that contains a can of corn, a can of green beans, a jar of cranberry sauce, a box of mashed potatoes, a brine mixing packet, stuffing, a turkey baster, a pair of tongs, and a how to manual.
  2. A Brine Mix Box
    The box will contain a brine kit based off of the recipe.
  3. Brine Seasoning in a Jar
    The jar will contain a brine kit based off of the recipe.
  4. A BadAss Apron
    The apron will have a turkey and the recipe
  5. Serving Platter
    A white serving platter with an image cut-up turkey and the recipe on the back
  6. A BadAss Cooking Badge
    Based on the Boy Scout badge
  7. T-Shirt
    Cuz the Food Network Failed Me
  8. T-Shirt
    Keep Calm and Do It In 90 Mins
  9. T-Shirt
    Turkey Head with Cross Bones
  10. Turkey Cross Bone Mailer
    A 8.5 x 11 mailer with a recipe inside; an image of a turkey head and cross bone on the front.
  11. BadAss on Boy Scout Badge Mailer
    A 8.5 x 11 mailer with a recipe on the inside; an image of a BadAss on Boy Scout Badge on the fron
  12. A How 90 Minute Turkey Cookbook
    This book is to illustrate to cook the turkey in 90 mins; a checklist; and a menu.
  13. A Roast Pan/How-to Manual
    A roasting pan and a How-to cook the turkey in 90 mins book
  14. A Brine Pouch
    The pouch will include the brine mix that could added to the boil pot.
  15. Brine Seasoning in a Can
    The can will contain a brine kit based off of the recipe.
  16. A BadAss Half Apron
    The apron will have the ingredients with a holder for a baster and tongs. The recipe will be printed on a flyer that will accompany the apron in the package.
  17. T-Shirt
    BadAss Academy with a QR code that scan and can take the person to the recipe’s website.
  18. Gift Card Set.
    Printed card for a free frozen turkey.
    The envelope will have funny statements and a copy of a folded copy of the recipe of the inside:
    “Another dinner at the in-laws is too much”
    “Single Mom Answer to Thanksgiving”
    “Cause Rachel Ray does not live here”
    “Who wants to spend all day in the kitchen”

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