Me, Myself and the Web

As I come to the end of my last term at Wake Tech, I am working on my Print and Web Portfolio. The web more so than my print, will have to represent many different media. 
My web presence or web portfolio must showcase me as a graphic and web designer as well a mixed media artist. It has to be a balance between the heaviness of my visual art and the cleanliness of my design.

the Thoughts:
I like the feeling of a grid layout.  I think the grid will help me achieve that clean, organized and open white space design I need to represent in my design work.   It will also allow me to organize my work on one page without being overwhelming to the visitor.

the Inspiration for Colors:
 love my logo! With the help of my friend Andy Hudson I was able to create a logo I feel works well from my artwork and my design work.  I want the color of my site to enhance my colorful logo. I feel I will use this business card mock up I a created for a color palette. business card 32

the Inspiration for Organization and Display: 

They are a multidisciplinary team of professionals in graphic design, communication and information technology.
I like the black and white color scheme used in their overall design. However, the one take away is the added pop of color as the visitor scroll over the images in their portfolio.

They are  is a Sweden based design and development bureau offering services within branding, design for print and digital, illustration and Art Direction.
I like their use of grid layout and way they integrated the different medias on one page.

Jessica Hische
She is a letterer, illustrator, and crazy cat lady known for her silly side projects and occasional foul mouth.
Beside loving her work I love the way she has laid out her site to showcase the different types of media she uses. 

Alex Dukal
Alex Dukal is an illustrator.
I love the “clean” background. Even through the site appears to me all white like the other there is an element of grunge. I this is feel will help bring in the feel of my artwork.

the Inspiration for Navigation:

Pushing Pixels
Micheal Borodynko is a web designer and developer.
I love the layout of the navigation bar, it is easy to find and he had fun with the type.

Alex Pierce
He is a 26 year-old designer/art director/geek.
Alex also had fun with his Navigation Bar.  This is a great example of how I can have fun with the Navigation Bar and have a clean design.


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