Creating My Print Portfolio


I am taking a printed and web portfolio class this semester. Since print and web are too different extremes, the layout and plan of attack have to be different too.  After researching how to create a print portfolio for hours, I found two blogs written by two different designers that helped start the creative juices flowing.

Shauna Haider graphic designer/ and owner for Nubby Twiglet
Graphic designer Shauna Haider has built a name for herself over the last five years through her internationally recognized design studio, Nubby Twiglet. To date, she has successfully collaborated with upwards of 100 small businesses on branding and advertising campaigns.

Andrea Pippins
Andrea Pippins is a designer and teacher with a penchant for cool and personality as warm as her Brazilian roots.  She created a blog called FLY. Fly is a journal of all things beautiful, creative and inspirational.

With both the blogs in mind I created a list specs for my portfolio:

Size of 11 x 17 Landscape
Must be able to add and remove page when needed
Made from a medium that is natural and organic
Made from a medium that will allow me to reflect my artwork and design work
Must allow me to showcase my design studio name (Mayshanna Pandora Art and Design) name and my “government name” Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe
Has pockets to house my leave behind material: Business Card, Sample Booklet, and/ or Resume
Most be unforgettable
I most love it; it is an investment

I was able to find several companies that created some beautiful cases, binder, or books.  Flygirlblog has a lot of great sources.

I plan to choice between different companies:
Klo Portfolios:
Klo’s mission is to create beautifully unique and customizable portfolios.

Sample for Klo's bamboo cover
Sample for Klo’s bamboo cover

Pina Zangaro:
For the past 22 years we have been redefining the way the world presents artwork and documents by designing and making innovative, attention-grabbing and functional portfolio books, binders, boxes and related accessories for the presentation and storage of artwork and documents. 

Pina Zanagaro Bamboo natural color3 sample
Pina Zanagaro Bamboo natural color3 sample





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