In the mist of the 90 Minute Turkey

The cover of the booklet
The cover of the booklet

After my class critique in Graphic Design 4 last week, I have chosen to design a gift package for my 90 minute turkey project.  My goal was to design a package that could be purchased with almost all the fixins’.  One requirement for the project is that all 12 steps most be printed within the document, so I created a 12 page, 5 inches x 5 inches booklet that would be include in the package. 

page one and two

The above image is the first two pages of the booklet.  I wanted the booklet to resemble a cookbook or recipe section one would find in a men’s magazine.

the recipe/how to section of the booklet

Per advise from my best friend and fellow designer Nicole Maisonet-West I played with the white space more and used the numbers to create fun with type.

the end

Thanks to my teachers and fellow classmates, I have fallen in love with QR code and I plan to use them through the semester.  QR code are ugly and can be hard to use in a design, but when it is done right, it just works!

so excited 



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