The Turkey is Done.

I am done with my 90 minute turkey project (my first project of this semester)!!! I decided to go with the 90 minute gift package, almost one stop shopping. The package will include a roasting pan, a turkey baster, a pair of tongs, 2 cans of bad ass corn, 2 cans of bad ass French style green beans, a can of jellied cranberry, cornbread stuffing, the brine mix, turkey gravy, and how to thaw and roast a turkey in 90 minutes booklet.

the final package
the final package


Where I got the company Extreme Bad Ass?

Since the writer Tom Nardone express, the person who attempts this quest must have a bad ass attitude, I decided to name the company selling the gift package Extreme Bad Ass.

the corn and green beans
the corn and green beans
the Other Goodies
the Other Goodies

What I learned from this project?

1. Creating specs for can product require a lot of test prints.

2. Making fake gravy requires more heat and flour, and no cornstarch.  There was a chemical reaction that caused the container to expand with gas.

3. Using a hair dryer on shirk wrap can be fun.

4. I enjoy designing print layouts.


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