16 Weeks of the Flu

original photo is from http://newswise.com/articles/flu-is-preventable-uab-expert-says-protect-yourself-now

The Background
Yes 16 weeks of the Flu, being that I am a pair of rubber gloves away from being a diagnosed with mysophobe, this project may be a little tricky.
The concept of this project is A Little Bit is Just Enough. I thought of many different ideas, Chocolate, Coffee, Hot Sauce, Antibiotics, Fat, Lemon, Sugar, Love, Trial Mix, Laundry, Toothpaste, and Garlic so on…

The Choice

I finally made my decision when I was told (by my teacher) to examine my portfolio, to see what was missing, than see what ideas would lend themselves to what I was missing.  I realized I need more print pieces, like infrographics, print ads, flyers, brochures.

That led me to the FLU

Here we go, the details…

The Ethos: 
The Company who has “hired” me to create these pieces is a small private hospital who is looking to expand their demographics.  They also want to increase people awareness about flu safety, thus hoping to reduce the amount of high risk patients with flu.  While increase the amount of traffic from new and recurring patients to receive the flu shot.

The Logo:
Since this a campaign about the flu.  It must contain several different pieces, I have deiced on the following:

  • Flu Mask: For Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Babies (the babies will be more of a sign for the stroller)
  • 4 Billboards to be placed along the 440 and I-40 corridor
  • 4 Magazine print ads
  • Brochures: for a Doctor’s office, Mailer and Schools
  • Stickers: I got the Flu Shot Stickers or something similar

The Pathos:
Already with the flu claiming the lives of 12 people this flu season; this is a serious matter, especially when people can reduce their chances by taking few safety precautions. By this campaign, the hospital hopes to reduce people’s fear and increase awareness of the flu shot and the dangers of contacting the flu.

More to see soon!


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