If Facebook goes “Wilde” So Should I.


I am currently in the middle of redesigning my personal website, need less to say I am working with the worst client ever…MYSELF.

A big question I had while redesigning my site, was whether I should create a site that can be view on different platforms…a desktop, laptop, tablet, and or smartphone (aka a mobile business site) OR whether I should just create a general site and update it later.
The main different between the two type of sites is planning. A responsive site ( a mobile site) will just require a few days of planning, several pots of coffee, many IM messages with Shawn Lowe (maybe a trip to his office in Dunn), and a lot of lost pieces of hair
while the general site will require a few cups of coffee, a few hours of planning, some emails with Shawn Lowe, and a really good hair tie.

So imagine  my surprise when I read that Facebook in the Wall Street Journal to reclaim its status as a $100 billion company, Facebook INC is reengineering itself into a mobile business”

Also check out this quick video 

Looks like I am doing to spend some hours in Dunn…


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