What you do not know part two…


I decided to create a book cover for The Zombies Guide to Fine Dining. My thought process was, who does not like zombies and who does not like fine dining! Let’s be honest, we all love the idea of a zombie dining on fine well harvested brains.

My Cover
I tried to find real animal brains to make this cover as authentic as possible, but after many calls to famers markets and meat houses, there were none to be found. Going back to the drawing board, I tried to find a Halloween theme website or store that sold brain look-a-like items, but was impossible in February. Therefore, my final step was to make my own BRAINS.

Off to the kitchen
I layered a few cauliflower florets with a make-shift ketchup, BBQ sauce, and corn syrup blood look-a-like mixture, placed them on a small plate and decorated them with some celery leaves. Then the photo shoot began. The cauliflowers were not as demanding as divas, but they were missing the life and excitement I needed for the photo shoot.

The final
After I researched cookbook covers, I realized I needed more pictures, so I went to my favorite free stockphoto site for more images of raw meat. I found two great images for the back of the cover.

What I learned
1. Da font has font for almost every situation.
2. Picking a creepy font can be tricky.
3. When in a pinch cauliflower can look like brains.
4. Ketchup, bbq sauce and corn syrup does not smell good after a few minutes.
5. Designing a layout for a book cover is quite hard. The front cover was an easy layout, but unlike most people in my class I did not think about the spine and the back while I was in the sketch stage of my design. I felt this made my execution much more tedious.


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