Ms Pac Man is done!

On Feb 26th I wrote a post about a new project to design a Video Game Launch Kit.   I chose Ms. Pac Man.   I must admit since I am not a gamer, I was not excited about this assignment; however, I had so much fun designing this package.
I found a post on on how to create a Nintendo Arcade.  I used step one of the process in order to create the box.
Pacman Case

But I get ahead of myself, it was important for me to brand and market this package to women from 30-40 years of age. So I went shopping.

I went to Home Depot.  I even purchased a new jigsaw.
home depot

I went to Five Below, AC Moore and Target.


Once I got home the real work began.  I got the ruler out and laid out my goods to take inventory.

once at home

After a few hours, lots of bad words, several revised templates, and help from a wonderful assistant, the pieces were cut out.

the pieces

Once the pieces were put together, I created labels. I found some great images on Vector  Lib.


The final package.

images with total piecesside view of Pac man case

I learned a lot from this project.

  • Spend money on the good spray paint.
  • Sculpey Clay works well.
  • A flash drive and Sculpey Clay can be placed in the oven.
  • In order for sticker labels to stick on wood, the surface should be smooth and flat – I only sanded the edges.

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