Postcards for 16 week project

I am in the mist of my 16 weeks project.  The theme is “A little bit is just Enough” my project is based the flu. (click here to find out more).  So far I have my Postcards done!  The post cards are meant to mailed to current patients as a reminder to obtain their annual flu shots. 

The main difference between the cards are the images on the front and the fun facts on the back of the cards. I placed the fun fact verbiage right before the image of the card. 

Front of Postcard one:


Back of Postcard One:

If you think it has been contaminated, disinfect your phone. Follow your phone manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your device properly.  (Remember that washing your hands and then touching a dirty phone or keypad is self-limiting).


Front of Postcard Two:
hand washing

Back of Postcard Two:

Sing a verse from a familiar song (e.g., “Happy Birthday”) while lathering and rinsing. Don’t rush. If soap and water are not available to wash hands then use disinfectant like hand sanitizer.

hand washing2


Front of Postcard Three:

type 5 X 7


Back of Postcard Three:

A 2012 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that expenses for parents of children sick with the flu range from $300 to $4,000.  Parents pf hospitalized children reported an average of 73 hours of lost work time, an average of $1,456 in wages.  If the child was seen in the ER or outpatient settings up to 19 hours of work was lost and $383 in wages. 

type 5 X 72


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