School is officially over!!! This is a bittersweet reality, because now another phase of my life has begun and ended. Towards the end of my last semester in school I had to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or at least until “then happened”. That meant a game plan…a how do I make real money plan. I have a job (not a career) at a great company. For the first time in years, I love my coworkers and when I leave work all the stress, emotion and hassle stays at work…all this, plus benefits! I mean “I could afford medicine and an MRI” benefits. Why would I leave that, so I didn’t, I decided to Freelance. I know what you are thinking, crazy to freelance right out of school, and I am.
Here I am turning 25 (again), with $20K plus in student loans, hoping to start a family and I am going to become (kind of) self-employed.
People have done crazier things right? You know those crazy people with $5 left to their name and they buy a lottery ticket and win, or that place all the Vegas winning on 21 red and walk away with millions.
Here is the kicker, I do not know any of those people.
I know the “9-5 people”. The “I have a matching 401K people”. The “I know where my next paycheck is coming from people”.
I also know people who care for me, who support me, who love me and who believe in me. I know people who understand when I get passionate about something, that it is best to leave me alone until I get some sleep or bored.
Therefore I am going to kick butt at the hair brain freelancer dream for those people…my people.


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