What my Brand Says About Me

PrintThe last thing I expected to find as a freelance designer was myself. At the age of 21 again (lol) I thought I had a pretty good idea of who I am/was and how I want the “world” to view me. My grandma and mother raised me with enough guts to accept people for who they are and not who you want them to be, to realize sometime you cannot change or defeat fate, and if you give your best you are always good enough. Therefore, I tried not to base my appearance/or persona on what “they” (society) thought. Who are “they” anyway? One of the reasons I decided to freelance was so I did not have to worry about office politics. Believe you me, my boss loves my work pjs, and my work mates (aka the dogs) are pretty cool as long as they go out for a walk after their three hour naps.

But here I am…at the beginning stages of creating my own brand and I’m realizing I do care and worry about what others think of me. As an artist, my persona and artwork could be whatever I want it to be because I am “free sprint, starving and covered in paint”, but as a designer I am organized, professional and hungry. I have struggled with the artist verses designer feeling for years when I realized this year I was both. I am a free spirit, who can organize the hell out of a layout, I’m hungry for work, yet I have a mug and mouse that is covered in paint. The best part about my brand is that I can marry my two worlds and loves.
The best example of this relationship is in my logos.
There are three parts to my logo.

The tulip tulip
A tulip reminds me of my grandmother and my childhood. I have used it many times in my artwork. To me it represents the balance needed in life, the beauty of the universe, and the consist rebirth of the human spirit. The Tulip is the union of them both.


the MThe letter M
My mother and I have the same initials MPB, coincidence maybe, but I like to think she is smarter than that. The “M” reminds me of my mother and our love for each other. She may not have agreed with my choices in life, but has always supported me in my endeavors and picked me up if I fell.  The M is the organized, professional side of my logo and brand.

the pandoraThe Pandora
Pandora is my middle name. It reminds me of my friends, my lover, my dogs, and my family. It reminds me of the people in my life who love and care for me no matter what crazy, rude, or honest words that comes out of my unfiltered mouth. The crazy free spirit side of my logo/brand come from my Pandora.

Mayshanna is the designer side and Pandora is the art side and together they form my Brand, Mayshanna Pandora Art and Design.




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