Between places right now.

As you may know I work from home.  My studio has always been in my home for several reasons:

My office mates:  Despite the fact they are nosy as heck and require bathroom breaks ever few hours, they are cute, playful, and just keep things interesting. my officematesdgunnamed

My wardrobe: For better or worse working from home does not require much attire.  Some days if I can find my oversized fleece sweat shirt, I won’t put the boobs in boob jail (aka a bra). I cannot believe I wrote that, I am sure my parents are blushing right now.


Fancy Food:  My boss is always feeding me the best, Trader Joes food and coffee.

The Cost:  My overhead is really low…it is literally my rent and utilities.

The only issue with working from home is we are renters, which means my office can change every few years.  This year my office location is moving.  We are moving into a bigger home, which makes me happy.  This means my partner and I can both stand in the kitchen at the same time, mainly I can cook dinner while she loads the dishwasher or washes clothes.

The limbo between packing my old office and unpacking my new office has always been hard for me.  For the next two weeks my office consists of our dining room table, my wonderful office chair and mouse from the 90’s (I lost my wireless one in the packing).

However, once limbo is over, I will be in a new place filled with better light, space and a quicker access to the kitchen.  A kitchen filled with snacks!

photos from my instagram 


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