Blogging with a SMART Goal for 2015

Picture of Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe

I am back! Yes if you look at the date I have not written in this blog in almost a year! Yes, a year.


But here is why: I got married, I got a new job, we moved, then the holiday
chousesmallame…In short, life got real and I had to let something take a back seat.

In my mind I thought my blog had to be about “the Design” and me as a “Freelancer”. After months of missing my blog and reading other blogs, I stopped to reevaluate what I wanted my freelance design career to look like and how I wanted to be represented as a designer. Once I understood that, I realized what I wanted my blog to say to the world.

sitting in a chair

With that said, one of my SMART goals for this year, is to increase my exposure to new/existing clients and to highlight my life as a designer and artist.

The blog will feature the work I do, the things that I create, the people I meet, the food that I cook (aka Food Porn), my amateur photography, my work with AIGA Raleigh, and my supportive family.


Me taking photos

me dog and lynn

Please enjoy the stories I have to tell in 2015. My first post will be some Food Porn, come see me in a couple days and I’ll show you some of my favorite hot chocolate recipes.

upclose of coco


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