The Business Side of Design


I am not anything, if not a planner, so before I looked for my first client I wanted to do some research on how to get started as a freelancer. I had completed some contract work in school and built some websites for friends, but nothing as involved as create my own design business, so I purchased several books to help me.

The Freelancer’s Bible, by Sara Horowitz and Toni Sciarra Poynter

The Freelancer’s Bible has been helping me organize the business side of freelancing. It has great information on getting started, getting work, growing your business, and managing your business. It talks about setting goals for your business, buying the right equipment, and even shares real life examples/mistakes/stories from freelancers like myself.

Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines by Graphic Artists Guild

Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines has been helping me with the designers side of freelance. It is a great reference to explain the professional and business side of design. It talks about trademarks, copyright, general industry pricing, and about bidding on jobs.

Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers, Fourth Edition by Eva Doman Bruck (Author), Tad Crawford

This book was recommended to me by Marsha Mill of Wake Tech. It has a legal form for almost every situation you can encounter as a graphic designer. It is not a substitute for a good lawyer, but is a great starting point.

These along with a class I took at SkillShare by Margot Harrington, I was able to feel comfortable approaching my first client.




School is officially over!!! This is a bittersweet reality, because now another phase of my life has begun and ended. Towards the end of my last semester in school I had to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or at least until “then happened”. That meant a game plan…a how do I make real money plan. I have a job (not a career) at a great company. For the first time in years, I love my coworkers and when I leave work all the stress, emotion and hassle stays at work…all this, plus benefits! I mean “I could afford medicine and an MRI” benefits. Why would I leave that, so I didn’t, I decided to Freelance. I know what you are thinking, crazy to freelance right out of school, and I am.
Here I am turning 25 (again), with $20K plus in student loans, hoping to start a family and I am going to become (kind of) self-employed.
People have done crazier things right? You know those crazy people with $5 left to their name and they buy a lottery ticket and win, or that place all the Vegas winning on 21 red and walk away with millions.
Here is the kicker, I do not know any of those people.
I know the “9-5 people”. The “I have a matching 401K people”. The “I know where my next paycheck is coming from people”.
I also know people who care for me, who support me, who love me and who believe in me. I know people who understand when I get passionate about something, that it is best to leave me alone until I get some sleep or bored.
Therefore I am going to kick butt at the hair brain freelancer dream for those people…my people.

Package Design for 16 Week Project

I am in the mist of my 16 weeks project.  The theme is “A little bit is just Enough” my project was based the flu. (click here to find out more).  So far I have the following pieces complete:

the Logo:
the labels for the Package Design for the Anti-Flu Kit:
The Label for the Disinfecting Wipes:
Wipe Label

The Label for the  desk Hand Sanitizer:

The Label for the portable Hand Sanitizer:


The envelope for the seven day vitamin pack:




UI Project: The Six Degrees of Generations, Interacting Across the Generations

The Six Degrees of Generations: Interacting Across the Generations is an exhibit exploring the relationships between generations. People can purchase a ticket through Facebook or in person, which gives them access to an interactive experience. This experience will illustrate important historical facts that occurred during a specific generation.

The experience begins with the patron receiving a wristband, which is color-coordinated to their specific generation. This band will help you and your family/friends interact with the exhibit. Once inside the exhibit, a patron will stand in a circle and use the wristband to navigate through their specific generational information (which includes: history, music, film, literature, communication, and transportation). Family members or friends can take turns viewing each of their generational information and compare how they were different and also how culture has changed.
Our pieces consisted of:
Promotional poster

– 3 banner advertisements (728×90, 300×250, 400×240)


– Postcard mailer

– Newspaper advertisement
Generations_PrintAd_Mockup Generations_PrintAd

– Facebook page

– Email

– Interactive wall

– Floor plan

– Six screen mock-ups

– Icons for each generation
– T-shirt designs
– Wristbands
Both Bands

Postcards for 16 week project

I am in the mist of my 16 weeks project.  The theme is “A little bit is just Enough” my project is based the flu. (click here to find out more).  So far I have my Postcards done!  The post cards are meant to mailed to current patients as a reminder to obtain their annual flu shots. 

The main difference between the cards are the images on the front and the fun facts on the back of the cards. I placed the fun fact verbiage right before the image of the card. 

Front of Postcard one:


Back of Postcard One:

If you think it has been contaminated, disinfect your phone. Follow your phone manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your device properly.  (Remember that washing your hands and then touching a dirty phone or keypad is self-limiting).


Front of Postcard Two:
hand washing

Back of Postcard Two:

Sing a verse from a familiar song (e.g., “Happy Birthday”) while lathering and rinsing. Don’t rush. If soap and water are not available to wash hands then use disinfectant like hand sanitizer.

hand washing2


Front of Postcard Three:

type 5 X 7


Back of Postcard Three:

A 2012 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that expenses for parents of children sick with the flu range from $300 to $4,000.  Parents pf hospitalized children reported an average of 73 hours of lost work time, an average of $1,456 in wages.  If the child was seen in the ER or outpatient settings up to 19 hours of work was lost and $383 in wages. 

type 5 X 72

Cell Phone App

I designed an iPhone app.  I had several ideas for this project.  All of the designs I came up with were based on things I felt I needed/wanted.

  • A recipe app, where you would add several items in your fridge, and it would create a recipe.
  • A font app, where you can scan a font and it will tell you the name and point size of the font.
  • A graphic design/photo app, where you can take a photo of a sign, poster, bus wrap, or anything you felt design worthy and upload the picture and location to the site.

I finally settled on a  budget app.   An app that would allow me to track my finances for the semester.  Since this is my last semester and I need to start my job hunt, which means all my projects have to be amazing.  Therefore, I knew  I would be spending more money this semester than in the last few semesters.  I looked for an app to help me with a budget, but I could not find any that allowed me to create a budget for each project/assignment.  So I designed one that would allow me to create a budget for each project/task.


Here are my final pieces:

iPhone Apps_Page_1

iPhone Apps_Page_2